Albarossa Piemonte DOC

Dry red wine


Albarossa Piemonte DOC is an both an ancient and modern wine at the same time. Young Cultivar, with a birth date in 1938. Fruit of Giovanni Dalmasso’s passion, one of the fathers of Italian ampelography, Albarossa was born from a cross between chatus (nebbiolo di Dronero) and barbera. It is a vigorous, decisive wine: the stong structure and the bold tannins place it among those most aged with character. An unusual gaze on the Piedmont of wine.

Serving Temperature
Serving Temperature
18°-20 °C

Ruby red, dark and intense. A careful observer could capture purple tones in the chromatic differences of the Albarossa. The olfactory sice is typical of wines aged in wood: with hints of black pepper and woodland fruits, with obvious references to blackcurrants and black cherries. The ease with which it can be drunk, which seems out of tune with the type of red, is striking during tasting: just a moment is enough to grasp a series of overwhelming sensations, which outline an all-round gustatory profile with a strong personality. A wine with great texture, with a fascinating and suggestive aftertaste.

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Food Matches

The Albarossa Piemonte DOC is a demanding red, not suitable for hasty combinations, or those which have not been thought through. It requires strong combinations, with tasty and decisive dishes: excellent with cured meats or aged cheeses, filled pasta like the traditional Piedmontese agnolotti, or roasted or braised meats. Do not hold back when it come to exotic cuisine, especially if hot and spicy.

Detailed Information


Albarossa Piemonte DOC is born from grapes grown in the Asti area. The steep slopes, with an average height of 350m above sea level guarantee a fair exposure, while the poor clay soils provide the necessary nutrients for a balanced ripening. After the natural harvest, grapes are vinified completely cold, thanks to the use of the most modern technologies. The Albarossa’s journey continues for a year in the aging cellars, before being bottled.

The Albarossa Piemonte DOC, structured and expressive, is aged in a wine cellar filled with passion, maturing even for some years if properly preserved. It is interesting to follow the evolution, month after month, to find out how time can accentuate the characteristics which we have mentioned, or evoke entirely new ones.


A curious fact before buying this wine? The name Albarossa was attributed to the wine and to the vine by Roberto Paglietta, professor of the Agricultural University of Turin. A tribute to the city of Alba, an act of love for an area which amazes and delights, due to the great personality of its wines.